Electric underwater scooter


Seabob F5 - EXTREMELY LIGHT Speed over water 15km/h - Speed under water 11km/h - Weight 29kg - Performance up to 2.5kw - Maximum Thrust up to 480N - Speed control 4 power levels between O% and 100% - Total capacity 1.1kwh 48V 23AH - High energy lithium manganese accumulators - Operating time average 60 min - Charging time approx. 8h - Diving depth 40m - Dimensions 1 152x507x372m - Weight approx 29kg - Buoyancy in water approx 14kg
SEABOB F5S - FOR SPORT ENTHUSIASTS Speed over water 20km/h - Speed under water 15km/h - Weight 35kg - Performance up to 4.0kw - Maximum Thrust up to 680N - Speed control 6 powers levels between 0% and 100% - High energy lithium manganese accumulators - Total capacity 1.8kwh 48V 38AH - Operating time average 60min - Charging time approx 8h - Diving depth 40m -- Dimensions 1 152x507x372m - Weight approx 35kg - Buoyancy in water approx 10kg - Special equipment securing device for pilot belt system - extras elements in a chrome design

The Seabob is a high-end electric underwater scooter, made in Germany, designed to explore the surface of the sea and/or beneath it.

Excellent handling, unique agility and easy piloting make this product a water sports vehicle that is unique in its kind. Move through the water with the agility of a dolphin for excursions out at sea and unparallelled underwater sensations!

Offering total safety, you will be fully reassured by the Seabob’s sporty or leisurely manoeuvering.